Content Strategy and Roadmap Framework - The CSR Framework by Gift Vincent

Clarify Your Offer and Simplify the Process to Get More Sales


But before then...

Let's Talk About How You Can Create Content That Appeals to Your Ideal Customers.


What Is The CSR Framework?

It is a system built to help you Clarify Your Offer and Simplify the Process by overcoming the most common sales objections and building a seamless process that attracts, convinces and converts.

The CSR Framework thrives on CONTENT, PROCESS & FUNNELS


I have decided to give you a ready-made Content Strategy Template from inside the framework - this should help you build a strong content marketing system while you await the launch of the CSR Framework.

Now, Let Me Show You a Simple Way To
SELL MORE of Your Offers Than You've Ever Done Before

Whether you are writing content for Social Media, Email, Ads, or basically any sales content, you name it - If you cannot write a great copy that addresses your ideal customer's pain points and at the same time offers them the solution they seek, you will not be able to convert your audience into buyers.


  • Map out your ideal customer avatar/demographics so you can develop a message that speaks directly to them.
  • Figure out the problems they are facing. This will help you groom yourself and build an offer that addresses their problems better.
  • Become aware of the questions they're asking so you can develop a unique positioning that will help them choose your offer over others.


This is exactly what I want to help you achieve with a content marketing SYSTEM and STRATEGY that WORKS.

The CSR Framwork Template is The Easiest Way to Create Content That Will Attract, Convince and Convert

Content Strategy and Roadmap Framework - The CSR Framework by Gift Vincent

It's time to finally start creating content that will help you sell more of your offers in 2023!

Everything you've been told about selling online isn't enough. If you want to position your offer to attract more sales - this template is a must-use.

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