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Gift Vincent Reviews

I started learning about digital businesses and marketing in 2016 from my little corner in a mini boutique where I worked as a salesperson.

Since then, I have taken over 50 courses and read over 20 books on businesses and marketing.

With the knowledge gained so far, I have worked with over 20 businesses, trained over 50 entrepreneurs, pioneered major projects for top brands and built a consulting firm that has gone ahead to birth 2 other businesses in 2022.

Gift Vincent Reviews

I only started this journey from a mere curiosity…

Yes! It all started from trying to figure out why adverts were constantly popping up on my phone screen, only to realize that someone was getting paid each time those adverts pop up, especially every time I mistakenly click on the ads.

This gave me endless thoughts of how someone would be sitting in his house and getting paid for just putting up content on other people’s screens. When I was sitting in a boutique all day as a sales girl to earn N13,000 (Thirteen Thousand Naira Monthly)

Arrrr!!! – This single fact was ridicule to my existence.

I took a drastic step that day and that single step CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.

So, I have decided to create a special email coaching list where I will be sharing the various steps I took and the lessons I have learnt in my 5 years of doing this thing called Business and Marketing.

Let’s just say I’ll be sharing all my experiences.

Everything you will be learning from these special coaching emails will definitely help transform your mindset, approach to marketing and income regardless of your type of business.


Gift Vincent Reviews
Gift Vincent Reviews
Gift Vincent Reviews

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“The best gift you’ll ever give yourself is the ability to explore opportunities, and be forever teachable.”

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