6 Tips to Help You Grow Your Small Business Online

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6 Tips to Help You Grow Your Small Business Online

If you asked 100 people if they would like to own a business, I am sure you would get 90% replying ‘YES’. Owning a business, as nice as the idea sounds, is not an easy task as it involves a lot of investment – by investment I mean, time, physical and mental effort and sometimes capital.

In recent years, however, the internet has made it very easy to start, build and scale a small business from scratch. People are moving their businesses online to attract more audiences and increase growth. This has made starting a business relatively easy, more so, there are a lot of platforms on the internet where you can sell your goods and services.

The freedom that comes with having a business online is just too good to pass up.

“What exactly should I do to grow a successful business?” you ask.  All it takes is the right strategies, hard work, consistency, passion and a desire for GROWTH.  

Hard Truth About Growing Online

No matter how passionate you are about that business, selling and growing on the internet is not magic so there’s a very big chance that you may not hit it off immediately, but hey! the great news is, you CAN achieve it if you do the right things and stay CONSISTENT with it. You can turn that small business into something BIG and create a reputable online brand.

6 Tips to GROW Your Business Online and Start Raking on Search

What happens when your business is already online, on platforms with millions of people but you are not making sales? Crazy, right? It can be discouraging and soul-crushing. Just the other day, a friend of mine was bitterly complaining about why her fashion brand wasn’t selling. “My market is on Instagram where the ‘slay queens’ are, so why am I still not selling?”  Her concerns and worries were genuine and I am sure this mirrors what a lot of small online business owners are also going through.

Below, are great tips that are sure to attract an audience to you and make your business a brand to reckon with online. Here are 6 tips you need to get that business up and running online:

1. Know Your Unique Selling Point

There are too many sellers doing the same thing, using the same sales strategies. Do not be just generic, dare to be different and create your own identity and brand. You can do this by studying what other people are doing, picking up ideas and inspirations and finding how you can implement them in your business from a unique perspective.

In addition, buyers are more likely to go for newer invigorating ideas on goods and services. When you scroll through the internet looking for products to buy, you find most products overly edited and looking perfect. Now, it is not a bad thing to have the best pictures of your products online, however, it is best to have your products look real or give a real-life appeal. You do not want your customers giving you a ‘what I ordered vs. what I got’ review.

Let your creative side come into play, create a business that spells you. Having your unique brand identity influences the strategies you choose and how you use them to relate with your customers.

2. Know Your Target Audience

After defining your brand, identifying your target audience is the next step to getting your business running. Likewise, knowing who your target audience is will simplify the business strategies to put into play as you grow. You may have the right product or service but still face stagnancy in growth if you keep trying to sell to the wrong audience.

When you have identified who you are selling to, what their needs are, and basically their demographics, you will be able to map out solutions, branding and marketing strategies that will make your business grow. In fact, this will help you come up with innovative strategies that will meet their needs and keep them happy and satisfied.

3. Content Marketing

For your business to succeed, you need to go the extra mile. Content marketing is a great way of improving your business visibility and drawing audiences. High-quality content is sure to attract, convince and convert your audience and put your business on the map. You do need to break the bank to create content for your business. There are ways to create and market content:

  • Blogs: Blogging is a great way of bringing attention to the service or products you are selling. According to Brian Clark, “Focus more on producing a blog that is great for your readers instead of focusing on having a great blog”. This quote reiterates the point about knowing your target audience and coming up with strategies that help meet their needs.
  • Active and engaging social media presence: Having a consistent and interactive social presence can help you gain a good amount of traction for your business offers. Engage with your target audience consistently, make yourself relatable to them and let them see the real you. This gives them the feel of a physical being and builds loyalty and trust.
  • Video Marketing. Video marketing has become a powerful tool for content marketing. They promote and inform people about your product or services. Making powerful video content that is engaging and educating to your online audience is a powerful sales strategy to grow your business. The great news is, you can make high-quality videos for your audience with just your smartphone.  Video content creates more exposure and understanding of your service or product.
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4. Optimize Your Business Page

Ever tried locating a shop and had great difficulties? Ever visited a website but couldn’t navigate the information you needed? Just as you would want your physical shop to be well-placed to attract customers, your business page or website should also be top-notch.

Moreover, customers always want to have the easiest and most convenient shopping experience so you definitely do not want them getting confused or finding it difficult to locate information on goods and services or worse, on how to go about purchasing.

Finally, what actions do you want visitors to your page or website to carry out when they visit? By optimizing your page or website in the most user-friendly way, you will be able to convince visitors to make a purchase.

5. Leverage Social Media

According to research, more than half the population of the world now uses social media. In fact, the use of social media has spread like wildfire in recent years and it continues to grow. Taking advantage of this fact for your business is one huge strategy that is sure to bring in growth.

Furthermore, having and keeping your social networks up to date with new content and engaging with your audience, as well as other brands is essential for the growth of your business. There are different platforms catering for the needs of different users, hence, each platform is unique. So find the platform that best meets the needs of your target audience and pitch your tent there. You can also establish across platforms based on who your target audience is.

6. Conduct Market Research

For you to know what marketing strategies you need to put in place for your business, you need to carry out market research. Research helps you identify what appeals to your target audience, the competition, and what business path is best for your business. In other words, It is like a compass that helps point you in the right direction.

Due to the current and changing business trends, you need to rise above mediocrity and be up to par.


Owning and growing a business online requires developing strategies that will help you manage and optimize your business for success. The importance of being strategic about your business growth cannot be over-emphasized. There are a lot of competitors out there and you need to be at the top of your game to beat them.

The above listed tips are sure to help you manage and grow a successful online business.

However, knowing just these strategies is not enough. You need to practically and consistently apply them to your business to see results. There are also other strategies out there that you can apply to your business for growth. Go out there, and do some research.

In the words of Irving Langmuir Train yourselves. Don’t wait to be fed knowledge. Get out and seek it, Make explorations, Do your own research work, and Train your hands and your mind. You can see things going on around you, Inquire into them, Seek out answers to your questions

In summary, I’ll say Be intentional about your business growth.

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