Finding Myself – A Life Long Project

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Finding Myself - A Life Long Project

I used to be a complete novice and had absolutely nothing I would say I was exactly good at that could earn me a good sum. Let’s just say I was a mere 9-5er without any idea of the future or what I expect it to be like. The only difference is, I was ever willing to learn new skills at every point in time.

Where It All Started

My career kick-started early in 2016 on a grounds of curiosity where I searched online tirelessly to know why ads pop up on my phone uncontrollably, while sitting in the boutique where I worked as a sales person.

I kept trying to figure out the creators of these ads and what they gain from it as I believed that no one would go the mile to force ads in my face for no profitable reason. There I gradually realized my passion for research and marketing, yet loving every bit of the digital space.

I found myself surfing the web more, learning content creation, and learning digital marketing and gradually covering all that I needed to know about the digital space and how to earn from it.

I Thought It Was Over

But… I landed my first official role as an office assistant. I had expected it to be all rosy and probably somewhere I would be able to 10X my speed, but for a long while, I wasn’t sure again if I’ll ever get the chance to do what I really found exciting – the digital space.

It took me almost 2 extra years before I finally got back on track but I was finally able to find a balance, I was finally able to do my job and do what I wanted to do with any extra time I had without affecting my job.

The Journey Began

I was given the opportunity to do something meaningful, something that matters, something that gave me a foresight to the career I sought – that something is called CONTENT. While working there, I got writing anything and everything, proposals, letters, applications, articles, copies, press releases, you name it.

This was the first time I ever really found LOVE in the job because at that point, I felt that my life could finally have a meaning and I could grow into someone to reckon with someday if I keep learning and keep building.

I learnt from my everyday engagements and events that there was simply more to life which I would never get if I made my rejections my reality; there and then, I made a hard decision to make my rejections my push… a push for a better me.

Soon I embarked on a project I called “Finding myself”. I spent every weekend off work attending any training, meets up, and workshops that had a tagline of “Personal Development” and something that has to do with building for the digital era. I wanted much more and I was set to get it at all costs so I paid the price.

There my abilities were invariably milked and constantly outsourced. I took up volunteer roles that involved a vast need for research and writing which again pushed me towards the digital space.

Volunteering and doing great stuff with people that matter
Volunteering and doing great stuff with people that matter

I Was Set To Explore!

Finally, It was time to leave my full-time job, I could only but see myself basking in the aura of fulfilment and an even stronger aspiration to pursue a digital career. No doubt, I was ready to move on and had gathered all it takes to survive, so I left on a good note to start a new phase of my life.

A New Me Emerged

I went all in on creating online profiles for my newfound skill and told anyone that was willing to listen what value I had to offer. Gradually I got my first digital role, got my second, got my third and viola, your girl started doing great stuff that matter for different people and diverse industries – I’ve done stuff in healthcare, Education, NGO, Fashion, Entertainment, Business, Consulting, you name it.

Before I knew it, I had referrals every now and then, it didn’t take too long and then I built my Marketing and consulting firm Green Media Ads.

I went from a mere office assistant to a 6 Figure creator

It Only Gets Better If You Work It Out

In summary, I found myself because I stayed with the process, I didn’t give up on it because it already seemed hard and confusing, I STAYED!

Now, I am doing great stuff and working with people that matter to achieve greatness – I love the process and most of all, I am glad about growth, the network I have built, the friends I have made and the people I have come across so far.

I do not know what it is you’re trying to achieve but one thing I have learnt from this journey is, it only gets clearer if your embrace your journey to discovery. It may not necessarily come easy but if you stay and keep up with the process it’ll come through for you.

Stuck Between Who You Are and Who You Want to Be?

The greatest and most important adventure of our lives is discovering who we really are else we just become everyone else. Ignorance towards one’s true self is very rampant but ironically unknown.

I found what I wanted to do and no single day passed without me trying to figure out how I can get to it. It didn’t come immediately nor did it come easy, but I got it and I’m living it right now – that is all that matters. Just fix your eyes on the goal and embrace the process dear.

This right here is a piece of my life’s experiences and how I embarked on a journey I called ‘Finding Myself’. I wouldn’t say it was a bad one as I sure wouldn’t be where I am today if I never had these experiences.

I Found Me!

I found myself, this was the total essence of the journey – finding myself. However, I may not say I’m totally found but I am now exploring my life’s journey from a perfect view of life whilst working towards and hoping for the best.

Nobody has it all figured out, we’re all just on a journey of self discovery and growth. Life may not get easier but the drill is, we become tougher to shoulder the challenges life brings.

The God Factor

Dear friend, concluding this without acknowledging the God factor in this process would be a huge blunder on my part. I know what I faced and I know I didn’t pull through alone. I had God lead this process especially in my most confused and frustrating times.

As much as you press for the best, I need you to start intentionally putting God at the helm of your affairs. You’d be surprised at how you scale through a complex process. Let God lead your process and watch him perfect everything you lay your hands on.

I do hope this inspires you to find something meaningful and build your life around it. Let me know what resonates with you the most from this piece and what your thought are in the comments section below.

And if you’re one of the faces captured in my story please say hi here so we don’t get in a fight the next time we meet 😂😂

Until next time, I am rooting for your success.

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  • Jesse Robinson

    Very inspiring, and educative. Indeed it remind me that i can also find my self and live a fufillied life, no matter the unpleasant circumstances life try to throw at me. Thanks Ma

  • Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    This is a masterpiece. It’s been a wonderful journey even though it’s not been smooth like you’ve expected. Keep inspiring us out there. The God factor, the consistency, the patience and the dedication, learning, etc. I know this is just the starting point. Thanks for this masterpiece

  • Izuchukwu Ezikeolisa

    Awwwwwn…this is beautiful GMA as I fondly call you. My former colleague back then at Edxtra Ltd. I celebrate you. You have done well by putting your story into writing for all to read and be inspired. The best is yet to come. Congratulations. You know you always have my best wishes. I saw my fotos too. 😁 Cheers.👍

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