10 Best Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

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Side Hustles You Can Start From Home Today

Long gone are those days when people maintained the traditional 9am to 5pm jobs as their only source of livelihood. Times have changed, and people are now taking on more than one job to supplement their income. Some people have turned their hobbies into diverse sources of income while some have been forced by the economic spiral to take side jobs to beat the high cost of living.

Whatever the case may be, with economies all over the world taking hits, unemployment rates going up and the cost of living going over the roof, it has become necessary to have more than one source of income. This brings me to the purpose of this article, to help you start a side hustle that you can do from any part of the world.

Is a Side Hustle Necessary?

Your financial stability can be improved by a side hustle by raising your income. Additionally, you could be able to earn significantly more each month or even each day, which would make it simpler to save money, pay off debts and just generally have a simple and soft life.

Thankfully, with the advancements in technology, you no longer have to be physically present to sell goods or services. Technology has created a lot of jobs and gone a step further to make it possible for people to perform these jobs without being physically present.

What is the easiest online side hustle?

There are a lot of side hustles out there for students, stay-at-home moms, 9-5 workers and for everybody. Whether it is working remotely for a company or your own business, there is a limitless number of remote work opportunities out there.

Top 10 Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

These jobs do not require you to have a physical office or go to any particular location. You can do them from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world. Below are 10 side hustles that you can do from home and are sure to boost your income

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest side hustles to start. You do not need any special skills to become a blogger, you just need to learn how to communicate your idea in written form. Some of the biggest blogs came from people talking about their personal lives, hobbies, interests and life generally. You may wonder, “How does writing about my life, music, books and other topics earn me money?” this is very possible and people have made this their full-time job and are earning big figures.

There are different topics out there that appeal to different people and are sure to get them hooked on you. Find a topic you are passionate about and start writing today! these 10 Effective Tips To Engage Your Audience Through Writing will help you start.


To start a high-paying career in blogging, you need to be able to write what people are searching for online or based on digital trends. This will help more people find your content in search and help your blog grow 10X faster. You might want to check out my article where I broke down Basic Tips For Staying on Top of Trends

  1. Content Writing

Content creation for businesses has become a big marketing strategy in recent times and businesses are constantly in need of relevant written content to promote their brands. As the name implies, content writing is not just basic writing, It involves creating relevant content for websites, businesses, products, blogs etc. You need some creativity, something that will capture your audience’s attention and make them buy.

Such content can be articles, press releases, email newsletters, social media copies etc. Whatever the case may be, you need to come up with what will attract business leads, create a positive engagement with audiences and achieve its aim. Below is a guide to help you write content that can Convince and Convert readers into customers.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has hit the business world by storm. Affiliate marketing is a referral form of marketing where you earn a commission for recommending a particular product or service. For example, if you refer someone to buy a product or service using your unique referral link when the person clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get paid a percentage per sale. Amazing, right?

Affiliate marketing is a great means of earning passive income, moreover, there are several platforms with good payouts that you can register on to become a professional affiliate marketer and start earning from referrals. Find my recommendation on Affiliate Marketing here to help you get started or subscribe to my newsletter below to get more updates on this topic.

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  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that is done online, it can also be referred to as online advertising. It involves the use of electronic devices like smartphones and laptops to promote products or services on digital platforms.

You will need to have knowledge of marketing as it relates to social media and other digital forms of advertising to become a digital marketer. Businesses are looking for creative digital marketers every day to help bring visibility to and promote their businesses, hence this is a lucrative career or side hustle you can start now.

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  1. Copywriting

Copywriting involves writing marketing content that is aimed at persuading and motivating people to take an action like clicking on a link, making a purchase etc. As a copywriter, you write professional copies that are used in marketing.

Copywriters are trained and skilled in the art of writing excellent copy. With dedication and persistence, you can learn the necessary skills and start earning from this, either as a career or a side hustle. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork offer lots of copywriting gigs, you can sign up with them as a freelance to offer your services to people who need them.

Although the job market for this skill can be very competitive, rest assured that you are sure to get jobs as long as you have honed your craft perfectly.

  1. Ebook Writing

An eBook is an electronic book, a digital format to be read on any digital device such as mobile devices or computers. What makes an eBook different from other files that can be read on electronic devices? EBooks are distinct by the fact that they cannot be edited. Remember that millions of people have access to it, so it is important that they can never be altered in any way or form, just as paperback books.

Amazon KDP offers a perfect platform for people to publish their eBooks for FREE! Below is a guide to help you start writing and selling eBooks.

  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another great side hustle that you can do from the comfort of your home and at your convenience with little or no capital. It is a form of retail selling where you do not need to have stock at hand before you sell to customers. In simple terms, this means that you can sell goods to customers without having those goods in stock.

As a dropshipper, you don’t have to purchase a product until the sale has been made and payment made by the customer. It is easy to start and you do not need a store either because everything can be done online. Once a customer makes a payment, you order the goods and they get shipped directly to the customer. You also have access to an endless variety of products to offer to your customers. As suppliers stock items, you in turn list those items for sale on your online store.

Dropping is so easy that with only your smartphone, you can become your own boss from home.

  1. YouTube

Have you ever gone on YouTube and searched for something using the search box? Did you notice that you got several video results relating to the question you asked? I’m sure you said YES! but if you’ve never tried using the YouTube search please feel free to try it right now.

You could only find those results because someone took out time to create a video that answers them. Also, you got several results relating to your search because several people are creating videos to answer different questions or to provide solutions to different needs in diverse ways and forms.

There can never be too many videos on one topic – YouTube is a haven for everyone and every topic. All you need to do to start creating videos is to find something you are good at, research what people are always searching for, and start creating mind-blowing videos about them.

Statistics show that over 2.5 billion people are active on YouTube monthly. That is more than ¼ of the world population waiting to see your content! Have what it takes to be a YouTuber? Hop on the train and ride to a life of wealth.

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  1. CV/Resume Writing

With recruiters looking for more professionally written Curriculum vitae and Resumes from job applicants, a money making opportunity has been opened to people who are vested in the art of writing CVs/Resumes that meet the standards.

Professional CV writers are hired on a daily basis by job applicants to utilize their skills and help create or rewrite CVs that meet professional standards. Jobs are limited and a CV is the first step used to sieve job applications. In order to stand a chance to make it to the next stage, people hire professional CV writers to help them.

If you are interested in offering this service, you need to learn and perfect how to write a good CV that meets the applicant tracking system (ATS) standards.

  1. Photo and Video Editing

Photo and video editing is the act of creating, designing and/or altering visuals (in the form of pictures or videos) to communicate or pass a message across to viewers. Most brands who use visuals to market their offers hire the service of photo and video editors to give them the best content.

Have you seen those perfect images and videos on social media? Someone worked on them to make them appeal to the eyes of viewers. You could learn the skill and become a photo and video editor too and get paid by top brands for your service.

How To Start a Side Hustle Right Now

Since I have listed out the side hustles you can start from anywhere, you might be lost on how to get started right now so I decided to shed more light on that too. Below is an article that’ll help you decide which of the side hustles to start, show you what skills you need to learn and give you exact tips on what to do to start right now.

How to Make The Most of Trends to 10X Your Growth

How to Make The Most of Trends to Grow Your Business 💰


Creating a side hustle for yourself is not a topic up for debate. It is a necessity! As the standards of living become higher, it necessitates the need for multiple streams of income. This is your best bet at learning a new skill and turning it into a side hustle. There are limitless opportunities out there that you can explore, you just have to take the bold step.

All you need to start is your smartphone and/or laptop and internet connection and you are good to go. To get you started ASAP, I am recommending that you sign up for my Digital Career Onboarders Program. It is a program where I will guide you through the basics of digital skills and show you platforms and/or tools to optimise for profit and growth. Click here to find out about the program and register to be a part of the sessions.

I wish you a profitable life and career as you explore!

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