5 Most Important Employability Skills You Need This Year

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5 Most Important Employability Skills You Need This Year

These days, employers often look for certain skills and qualities when hiring employees in addition to their academic qualifications and experience. These skills are known as employability skills.

Sometimes, they may not relate to the job but are a key factor in improving performance and adding value in the workplace, moreover, it also affects the progress of an individual’s career.

An Overview of The Job Sector

These days, the job sector is becoming more competitive in all aspects. Employers now prefer to hire job seekers with qualifications, and experience and even with more emphasis on employability skills.

This is due to the evolution of technology and the increasing demand for relevant soft skills (skills of the future). People who fail to upskill are left behind while those who acquire the relevant skills are constantly being sought.

What are Employability Skills

Employability skills are personal skills that help you secure a job, in this case, I’m not considering just any job, but a high-paying job. These skills can be referred to as transferable skills or soft skills because they are quite different from your work experience and technical skills and can be applied to just any job.

They help in minimizing mistakes, promote collaboration with team members and improve overall performance thereby allowing individuals to deliver their duties effectively.

Why are Employability Skills Important?

Employability skills make you unique and attractive to employers. Though it may not be included in a job description, it is very necessary and you have a better chance of being hired if you have this skill

These set of skills are necessary for every individual and will also help them;

  • Understand their role and collaborate better with team members
  • Solve problems
  • Make better decisions relating to their career and job

Top 5 Most Important Employability Skills That You Need

I have compiled a list of 5 soft skills to help you in your career journey. I tagged these as the most important because they are essential and you can almost not do without any of them.

Now let’s dive in!

  • Communication Skill

Saying just enough is the key to effective communication; this means you don’t talk too much or too little. Whether you’re chatting with someone in person, on the phone, or by email; you know what you want to communicate, and you say it clearly and directly.

Communication is very necessary for your career growth and being able to communicate effectively can go a long way. You can improve your communication skills by collaborating and actually engaging in active conversations.

  • Organization and Management Skills

Organization skill is a very important soft skill for any job, it helps you in organizing your time and resources. You may have to manage multiple projects at the same time, this is where organization and management skills come into play. It makes your job easier and helps you prioritize where necessary to be able to deliver optimally and on time.

  • Critical Thinking

The ability to think carefully during an argument, decision making and considering a problem is a necessary soft skill, it involves applying logic and creative thinking.

Employers value critical thinkers a lot because they often come up with creative solutions to difficult problems. One of the best ways to develop this skill is by gathering relevant information and constantly thinking of better ways to deliver a solution

Let’s just say you’re a critical thinker if you THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX

  • Negotiation skill

The ability to work towards a profitable outcome between two or more parties.

Negotiation skill is the ability to establish an agreement between two or more parties. Common examples of soft talents needed to attain this skill are communication, persuading, planning, strategizing, and cooperating. The first step toward becoming a better negotiator is to understand these factors.

  • Self Motivation

Self-motivation is the psychological condition that allows us to start, and maintain a drive towards achieving something. It is an internal drive to succeed, produce, develop, and progress.

When you believe you’re ready to give up or don’t know where to begin, it’s your self-motivation that keeps you going. Employers like it when their employees are self-driven/motivated toward achieving a goal

Conclusively, employability skills are important for almost every area of life, spanning your career or job role. They are an added advantage for you as you pursue your business and career aspirations, so you should consider improving on each of the skills mentioned above.

That’s it!

As always, let me know if this piece helps you in any way and feel free to indicate what else you’ll like to learn about whilst pursuing your business and career aspiration and I’ll be glad to create an interesting piece about it.

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