Why You Think You’re Not Ready For Social Media VS. The Actual Truth

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You Think You're Not Ready For Social Media

Before I address the topic, let me tell you a short story about my experience with a client.

I and my business partner went for a meeting with the CEO of a well-known Group (owning different firms) for a discussion on how we [] can revamp their online presence and eventually move to management – having seen how they are online and concluded that they aren’t doing well in that aspect.

This was meant to be just a mere discussion of the issue we found after an audit on three (3) of their firm’s social media and then proffer a solution to solve the problems… well so we thought.

After discussing all the problems, they acknowledged it, quite alright but only went ahead to buttress that they are working on a lot of concepts that are unfinished and are not ready for the media yet because they don’t have anything to offer the media.

This felt quite absurd at some point, but soon it was obvious that they weren’t at all ready to accept the fact that they needed a functional online presence. They kept emphasizing that they have nothing to post and this got me wondering why the emphasis is on “POST” rather than having an “OPTIMIZED PRESENCE” ready for the initiative they’re working on.

But instead, they decided to shut the media down yet their physical office is very functional. Now, this right here is the irony a lot of businesses are caught up in.

Answer these questions if you think you’re not ready for social media

  • What happened to having an online presence that is befitting for an audience to choose you first?
  • What happened to sharing your expertise with an audience that’s out to learn? I thought the idea was to give value
  • What happened to driving interest and talking about your past successes?
  • What happened to preparing your online presence just like you are doing for the physical?
  • What happened to promoting your services the way you still do physically?
  • What happened to generating leads for the new concepts you’re working towards launching?
  • Wait, what even happens to all the search queries, the traffic, and the previous leads?

Let’s even forget about posting, these guys have refused to see that they need to be just “OPTIMIZED” on the web. I mean people are searching for what you offer online, it’s just left for you to be there for them!

Will customers who are searching for your offer online find you?

I think this is one question everyone who thinks they aren’t ready for social media should answer before they conclude on whether to play safe and stay away or not.

Are you really not ready for social media OR it’s just an excuse?

A lot of times, I hear people say things like social media is not for me, I am not ready for social media, my business is not ready to go online, we are not big enough, we don’t have the time for now – and several other excuses.

All these make me wonder what they actually think about social media because to me it’s obvious they totally have the wrong idea about social media and are unwilling to give it a shot. But, don’t you think this would mean you’re not ready for business too?

YES! if you say you’re not ready for social media in this era then we might as well assume that you are not ready for business because going online would mean doing the same things you do offline online but slightly in an advanced sense.

The actual truth about social media

The goal of social media is to win over people’s hearts and minds at a time using your actions rather than your words, this is the same thing you do in your normal physical operations. You gain repeat business by providing excellent operational service, just as you gain followers on social media by being helpful and trustworthy.

Not just talking about yourself or always trying to make people buy but to help people solve their problems and pitch your offer as a great solution to the problem. Isn’t this simple enough?

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