7 Best Careers in Marketing

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Careers in Marketing

Marketing is a field that shapes people to become professionals who can think creatively while strategically positioning themselves for relevance in their chosen careers. With a marketing degree, one can pursue several careers in diverse industries including business, education, communication, banking, digital and technology.

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Marketing?

With the emergence of social media, marketing has become innovative. Marketing professionals have been able to leverage the platforms to position organisations in a way that they could enjoy a fair share of the market.

There is a need for marketing professionals to keep rising each day as organisations need trained individuals to connect them to their rightful customers, build an online community as well and understand the trends in the market.

Pursuing your degree in marketing will help you to understand the nitty-gritty of the programme, and also develop strong skillsets that would enable you to steer your way through your career. there are so many exciting careers to pursue in this versatile field. We will look at them as we progress.

What to Consider When Choosing a Career in Marketing

While choosing a career in marketing, you must understand the following:

  • Marketing is dynamic: marketing is a vibrant and dynamic industry. It is forever evolving with new and exciting trends. Online marketing is the new gold in marketing, it was not so in some years past. The job will keep you on your toes, making you get abreast with all the happenings in the world.
  • You will meet diverse people: as a marketer, your primary duty is to connect with people before even pitching your business to them. If you are a people person, then, you are on the right track. Meeting and getting to know your clients are all part of the job.
  • You can use your creativity: if there is one industry where you can’t do without creativity, it is marketing. You will use your creative ability to come up with new ideas and campaigns for your clients. You will also need to understand how technological gadgets work. You will need lots of them in your roles such as online advertising, SEO, and RSS feeds.

Does Marketing Offer Vast Opportunities?

The answer lies in how willing you are to put in the required work and climb your way to the top. Below are the 7 Best Careers in Marketing that can help you to build an exciting career:

7 Best Careers in Marketing to Pursue

There are a variety of exciting careers marketing, all you have to do is to build up relevant skills in the field. This will, in turn, help you to be better equipped for your job roles and enhance your earning potential.

The Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that marketing careers will increase by 17% by 2025. Moreover, this is more than average, compared to some other fields. The record of BLS further states that there will be an estimated 1.3 million jobs in the field of marketing by 2025 in the United States. The estimated median income is $44.27 per hour, as speculated by Emsi, a career-building company.

In addition, there are so many disciplines that fall under the general umbrella of marketing. Some of them tilt towards the technical side like the on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist and marketing data analyst, while others are very creative like copywriting or video ideation. However, the best marketers know how to balance science with art.

Moreso, in marketing, you can migrate from another field to build your career as a marketing professional.

  1. Corporate Communications

The corporate communications role is one that deals with constructing an organisation’s messages and ensuring that the messages are delivered to the right destination using channels such as press releases, corporate speeches and presentations, internal communications, and so on.

People handling this role spend their time responding to information requests from journalists or pitching stories to the media. They also keep the investment community abreast of financial results or other company news. In addition, they are the public relations officers of the company.

Average Salary: $124,054 per annum

  1. Marketing Research

A marketing research personnel’s job is to develop a sound marketing strategy. This they do by understanding the industry and market, as well as analysing the organisation’s competitors and customers.

Generally, marketing researchers regularly share knowledge, make recommendations and develop guidelines to improve marketing efforts and make sure that a brand’s general plans are pointing in the right direction.

Average Salary: $111,907 per annum

  1. Digital Marketing

Every organisation wants to be strategically projected online to increase its brand online visibility. This can drive conversions and sales from their digital campaigns.

The basic duty of a digital marketer includes creating digital marketing strategies/content for advertising campaigns, social media, and email marketing, among others. In fact, he also tracks analytics of the campaigns and improves the strategies to achieve maximum results for the brand.

Average Salary: $99,040 per year

  1. Product Marketing & Branding

Product marketing/branding managers are largely employed by tech or software companies whose products have more complex features. As the name suggests, a product marketing personnel performs the role of researching, positioning, messaging, launching and marketing new products for the company.

They also ensure that customers are not just wowed about the introduction of a new product, but fully know its functionality, the features it offers and its benefits. They do this by developing and implementing the right strategy mix to convey the information in a very simple, easy-to-understand approach.

Average Salary: $73,357 – $90,769 per annum

  1. Advertising

Advertisers work in various aspects of marketing, from strategies to concepts to the execution of the strategies. As an advertiser, you manage the implementation of ads and ensure they are created within the allocated timeframe and budget.

In addition, advertisers research the demographics of the company’s target audience. They help firms or businesses improve on their products and services promotions. Not to forget that they must find the best possible place to purchase ad space, whether on social media, radio or television.

Average Salary: $110,220 per annum

  1. Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing manager is seen as an editorial specialist. They do not just write copies and post on the social media handles of the organisation, they engage with the audience, responding to their numerous questions and opinions.

Social media is one of the major avenue through which a brand is showcased to the public. The larger the organisation, the larger the marketing team, with the social media manager occupying a more senior-level position to implement strategies. Although, they must have a good knowledge of how social media platforms operate to achieve maximum results.

Average Salary: $54,165 per year

  1. Content Marketing and Copywriting

Brands are creating, just like publishers or media houses do. Therefore, they hire writers who dish out attractive content with catchy headlines, videos and images to attract clients and followers on their social media handles. These writers are known as content marketers, they tell relatable stories to the audience who are compelled by the story to draw closer and then, be converted into clients.

To become a writer, you need some level of training in copywriting to master the art of storytelling that converts audiences to clients. Read my previous article on How to Create Content That Convince and Convert

Average Salary: $101,508 per year

Final Words

One of the most interesting things about being a marketing professional is that you can build your career across industries while retaining your skills.

Conclusively, numerous businesses need marketing to bridge the gap with their customers and clients across the world. Adding some side business to your job can also be a way to nurture your creativity and explore new ideas.

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